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Electric cupping device

This product integrates the functions of intelligent breathing cupping, red light hot compress, one key pressure relief, etc., and realizes dynamic breathing cupping by intelligently monitoring the pressure in the tank and adjusting the vacuum negative pressure in real time. It is a considerate product for home office and giving people.

Product parameters


6-Gear plug-In payment

6-Gear charging

12 Gear charging and pressure relief





Product size




Charging voltage


5V 2A

5V 2A

Suction strength




Rated power




Executive standard

GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.10-2008


Operational quidelines

Preparation before use
  1. Please read the safety precautions carefully when using this product. If it does not meet the use conditions, this product is disabled Product.
  1. It is recommended to clean and moisturize the skin with a wet towel or spray to improve the sense of use experience.
  1. Tighten and install the transparent tank (wipe the instrument with wet towel before and after use).
  1. Check whether the instrument is complete and normal.
Power / mode
  1. Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to start the machine, the LCD displays the 20 minute countdown, and the temperature indicator lights up. The machine is equipped with 20 minute timing and automatically shuts down after 20 minutes)
  1. Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to shut down, and the LCD and temperature indicator will go out.
  1. In the power on state, short press to change the mode. The machine has two modes, deep negative pressure mode and smoothing mode Breathing pattern.
  1. The default startup mode is deep negative pressure mode, and the negative pressure function and heating function are automatically turned on.
Suction strength
  1. The power on defaults to the third gear strength.
  2. Short press to adjust the suction strength (DS-A21 and DS-A22 have 0-6 gears, DS-A23 has 0-12 gears, Gear is off (negative pressure function)
  1. Each short press will increase 1 gear upward, and the LCD will display the corresponding strength gear, after 1 second Re display the 20 minute countdown.
  1. When the intensity reaches the highest gear, short press again to return to gear 0 and turn off the negative pressure function.
  1. It is recommended to use it from gear 1 for the first time or when the skin is not adapted.
Temperature control
  1. The default 3-gear temperature is started, the red light at the bottom is turned on, and the temperature can be adjusted by short press (DS-A21, DS- A22There are 0-6 gears, DS-A23 has 0-12 gears, and O gear is to turn off the heating function).
  1. When the temperature of DS-A23 reaches the ninth gear, the color of the temperature indicator starts to change into a colorful light and flashes, The higher the temperature, the faster the change speed of the colorful lamp.
  1. When the temperature reaches the highest gear, short press again to turn off the heating function (gear 0), and the temperature indicator goes out, The red light at the bottom goes out.

Pressure relief / pause

DS-A21 and DS-A22 models: during cupping, if you want to stop working,
briefly press this key to pause Work and enter standby mode.
DS-A23: during cupping, if you want to stop or remove the product, briefly
press this key to pause cuppingThe tank adsorption function and pressuré
relief can easily lift the tank and enter the standby state.
1. When using this machine with liquid peripheral products such as  essential oil, please be sure to keep the essential oil on the skin After the skin surface is evenly coated and there is no obvious liquid, adsorb the machine to the required position.
2. The machine is designed with a filter device, which can filter out most of the particles in the process of product user liquid impurities to protect the internal cleaning of the fuselage and maintain the service life of the product. Please use it according to your personal needs Frequency, check and replace the filter cotton regularly.
After replacing the attached filter cotton,
Restore and install the transparent can body.
Charging instructions
  1. Connect the type-C charging cable to the adapter socket, and connect the other end to the product charging interface to start charging Electricity. Adapter size 5V==2A.
  1. Please keep the type-C charging port dry and clean during charging. The charging time will vary slightly due to environmental conditions, Subject to the actual time. Do not charge for more than 8 hours.
  1. During charging, the white indicator flashes and goes out after being fully charged
  1. The product cannot be used when it is charged.

Safety precautions

DANGER (contents related to serious personal injury caused by wrong operation)
Do not use with the following medical electronic equipment at the same
time, which will cause errors or damage to medical instruments, Seriously
  1. Implantable medical electronic devices such as cardiac pacemaker;
  2. Life sustaining medical electronic devices such as artificial heart and lung;
  1. Electrocardiograph and other medical electronic instruments;
  2. Patients with other medical implants.
Please do not use under the following circumstances to avoid accidents
or discomfort.
  1. Patients with pregnancy, menstruation, damaged epidermis, varicose veins and taking drugs.
  1. Patients with infectious diseases, skin sensitivities, postoperative patients, high fever or critical illness are prohibited.
  1. Patients with malignant tumor or local damage and ulceration,traumatic fracture, acute suppurative inflammation, skin Patients with loss of elasticity.
  1. Patients with abnormal heart, brain nerve and blood pressure.
  2. Severe neuroticism, convulsion, spasm and manic anxiety.
  3. Bleeding prone diseases, such as thrombocytopenia, leukemia, hemophilia, Henoch Schonlein purpura and other diseases He is suffering from bleeding.
  1. Near the heart, facial features, private parts or large blood vessels on the body surface.
  1. Patients with skin perception disorder or abnormal skin.
  2. A patient who is being treated by a doctor or feels physically abnormal.
  3. Excessive fatigue, drunkenness and staying up too late (2 hours before and after meals are also prohibited).
  1. Patients whose skin is allergic to metal and red light.
  2. The product has a heating surface, which is not sensitive to heat, children, unable to express their wishes freely or unable to self Management personnel.
Be careful (contents related to serious personal injury caused by wrong operation)
  1. Please use this product correctly according to the operating instructions.
  2. When using the product, the transparent can body shall be closely attached to the skin and evenly contacted to avoid contact with wounds and scars Mark.
  1. The same part of this product may cause low-temperature scald or skin strain when used for a long time. Please pay attention to the use.
  1. If you feel unwell during or after use, please stop immediately and consult a doctor.
  1. It is recommended that one user use it. When cross users use, please turn off and clean the transparent tank before use.
  1. Do not use a notched or damaged transparent can body
  2. After using this product, redness or ecchymosis occurs, which is a normal phenomenon and usually subsides naturally within 2 days (according to each individual skin types vary).
  1. When the product works for a long time, there will be heating on the surface, which is a normal phenomenon.
  1. In case of abnormality, please remove it immediately.
  2. Do not use this product while driving.
  3. Do not plug and unplug the USB charging cable with wet hands to prevent electric shock or accidents.
  1. This product contains lithium battery. Please do not disassemble,change, immerse in water or throw it into the fire to prevent damage and explosion of the product Blow up.
  1. After use, the blood vessels on the skin surface will dilate. You should rest for 45 minutes before bathing.
Cleaning and maintenance
Please observe the cleaning and maintenance methods to prolong the
service life of the instrument:
  1. Please wipe the fuselage with dry non-woven cloth. Do not use acid-base detergent, alcohol, diluent, gasoline Clean with solvent such as nail remover.
  1. After each use, please turn off the power supply and clean it (with wet towel).
  1. Please store this product in a safe and dry place.
  2. Do not leave the product idle when there is water residue. the surface.
  1. Do not use a hard brush or stainless steel ball to wipe, so as not to damage flushing.
  1. Do not use water and other liquids to directly inhale the instrument for
  2. When the product is idle for a long time, please charge the product regularly to ensure its normal operation.
Do not use or store this product in the following places:
Places vulnerable to vibration and impact; Places with direct sunlight; Hot
and humid places; Places with water; Strong electromagnetic field; Near
fireworks; Places accessible to children, etc
Fault analysis and troubleshooting

Fault phenomenon

Fault judgment and solution

Unable to power on

1. Press and hold the power button for more than 2 seconds to start up.

2. Please charge the machine and try again.

Unable to charge

1. Replace the adapter with a row socket and try again.

2. Please pull out the charging head and plug it in again and confirm that it is inserted in place.

3. Please check the charging head and charging port for dirt or sundries. If yes, please Clean up.

4. Replace the adapter or charging cable

Weak suction

1. Remove the transparent tank and re tighten it for installation.

2. Check whether the air inlet and exhaust holes are blocked.

3. Check whether the filter cotton needs to be replaced.




1. Check whether the temperature function is turned on and the temperature prompt light is on.

2. Due to the influence of ambient temperature, please increase the temperature gear.

3. The battery is low, please charge it.

If the problem cannot be solved, do not disassemble the machine
without permission.
  1. When using it for the first time, please pay attention to step-by-step adjustment to find a suitable mode and intensity.
  1. In the deep negative pressure mode, if the suction reaches acertain degree, please press the pressure relief / pause key in time to stop working or Relieve pressure to avoid skin discomfort.