6 or 12 Levels Electric Intelligent Breathing Cupping Massager

It's time to get rid of pain in the most relaxing way! You'll get a combination of suction, smart massage, and red light therapy from our Electric Intelligent Breathing Cupping Massager. By using this smart device, you will be able to relax and rejuvenate tired and sore muscles, release fascia, increase blood circulation to the cupping area, and speed up the recovery process. The researchers believe that cupping therapy can treat arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain, post-workout recovery, neck pain, lumbago, back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arm pain, hip flexor pain and also helps with cellulite reduction and burn fat. This fantastic device is suitable for both travel and home use. It's a worthwhile investment.


 Negative Pressure Gravitation: It actively detoxifies and promotes your blood circulation by sucking on your skin and adipose tissue.

 Simple Operation: Its easy-to-use touch buttons allow you to manipulate the controls without tiring your hands, direct display indications on the panel enable you to monitor the vacuum's status, turn it on/off immediately, and adjust the vacuum intensity level with ease.

✅ Red light therapy: The benefits of red light therapy include improving blood circulation, pain relief, increased immunity, metabolism, relaxation and helps to stimulate collagen for healthy and younger looking skin.

✅ Large Capacity Battery And Rechargeable: It has a built-in lithium battery. It can be used at home as well as in the office to give you a professional massage anytime and anywhere. The device is rechargeable through the USB-C port on the side (charging cable provided). The cup itself can be removed for easy cleaning.

✅ Compact and Portable: Due to its compact size, Cupper can target a wide range of areas such as the hips, shoulders, hamstrings, and calves.

✅ Adjustable Time and Temperature: It has strong and durable 6 or 12-levels strength and an adjustable temperature control chip ensures a constant temperature. You can set it according to your needs. After 20 minutes of continuous operation, it will trigger the AI protection system and shut down automatically to protect you.

✅ Three settings to choose from: Negative pressure cupping, massage, and scraping. This feature lets you switch between different settings and modes at the touch of a button, making it super easy to experiment with which settings and modes work best for you.


Full Body Massage:  Any part of your body can be massaged with this Smart Compress Cupping Therapy Massager. It’s small enough to carry around and put in your bag.

Ergonomic Handle: It doesn't make your hands tired as Traditional Cupping do! The ergonomic design allows one-handed use for long periods of time.

Healthier Body: Massage has so many positive health benefits and now you can do it more often and from the comfort of your own home.


 Heat intensity can be adjusted.

➡️ Doctor Supervision is not required.

➡️ It is less expensive than visiting a therapist.

➡️ You can use it from the comfort of your own home!

📦  Shipping Time in US: 4-10 days

✈️ Rest of The World: 7-14 days

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Customer Reviews

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I totally love it, I would order again. the suction is great and the heating is functional. Seller packed item safely. I recommend


I liked the massage cup, the idea is wonderful. While it works. It sucks so powerfully. such a tingle. pleasant feeling, relaxes the muscles. I liked the thing. did on the back, buttocks, legs. very relaxing, even better than a regular massage. well improves blood circulation. Delivery is fast! Overall 5 points!


I am really happy with this purchase especially since it helps me to manage pain.


Excellent product...If any body want body massager, then this is the right choice...


Firstly the product is awesome.